4 Day IN CLASS EXPRESS Sessions Operate 9:00am-2:30pm 

BDE-MTO Approved Course Package #1   MOST Popular Package 

20 Hours of In Class Sessions 4 Day Express

10 Hours of HOME-Work Provided 

10 Hours of Private In Car Sessions 10 x 1 hour lessons non express

In Car Scheduling as per Date of First Licence of G1

TOTAL 40 Hours 

Cost $599.00 + HST (77.87) Total = $676.87   


Includes Drive TEST Use of Car + Pre Warm Lesson Day before testing

20 Hours of In Class Sessions 4 Day Express

10 Hours of Home-Work- Work Book provided 

10 Hours of Private In Car Sessions 2 hour lessons x 5 = 10 hours 

45 Min Pre Warm up Review the Day before your Scheduled Road Test 

Gift Bag included

Best package if your near the 8 months of Date of First Licensed.

Express to the Drive Test Exam.  

$799.00 + HST (103.87)  Total = $902.87 Due at time of booking 

Collingwood in Class Schedule for 2019   

Dec 27,28,29,30 X-MAS EXPRESS CCI /VAN Secondary School Group

 BOOK ONLINE to Secure your seat. 95% SOLD 

Collingwood In Class Schedule for 2020


Jan 2,3,4,5 4 Day In Class Express CCI/ VAN Secondary School Group  5 Seats remaining  

Jan 30,31,Feb 1,2 CCI PA DAY Special In Class Sessions CCI RSVP Group Session 25 Seats open

Feb 8,9,23,29 Weekend Split Course CCI/VAN/ SCI Students  27 Seats open 

​Feb15,16,17,22 Family Day Weekend In Class CCI and VAN SS Students RSVP Group Session 25 Seats open

March 14,15,20,21 9:00-2:30 pm CCI and VAN SS Weekend and Weekday Sessions 9:00-2:30pm 25 Seats

March Break 4 Day In Class Express March 16,17,18,19 2019 9:00-2:30 pm CCI and VAN SS 30 Seats

April 10,11,12,13 Easter Weekend In Class Express  25 Seats open 

April 18,19,25,25 Weekend In Class Sessions  25 Seats open 

May 16,17,18,23 LONG WEEKEND IN CLASS SESSIONS  20 Seats open 

May 30,31,June 6,7,  Weekend In Class Sessions 25 Seats open 



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December up into March 

Our fleet of cars operate 9am- 5pm due to adverse road conditions.


Once your completed the full course Our School will certify you and reduce your 12 month waiting period to 8 Months.  You will also be directed to your Auto Insurance company for potental savings. Call our office today

4 Day Express Courses 9-2:30pm   2x2 weekends are held Saturdays and Sundays 9-2:30 pm 

** Package 2 IS IN CAR EXPRESS Drive TEST Package**


World Class Driving Schools offers a safe and secure Classroom environment for all students regardless of ethnicity , race, gender, religious believes and or sexual orientation.

The opinions of any Student/s are solely those of the participants and DO Not reflect the values and or views of World Class Driving School.

The School will have the right to remove/cancel/terminate any Students file for any of the following:  Drug use during any of the lessons or in class sessions, any verbal abuse towards any other student or Staff members/ Any threatening emails, text messages, or verbal slurs,/ Slanderous and defamation false facts/ The School reserves the right to cancel, change or modify any in class or in car lessons OR removal from the course without NOTICE.