Collingwood In Classroom Schedule  



Nov 7,8,14,15                Saturday and Sundays 2x2 Weekends In Classroom 8:30-2:30pm 2 Seats Remaining

Nov 28,29, Dec 5,6        Weekends 9:00-2:30 pm   SOLD OUT  


Dec 5,6,12,13 2020      Saturday and Sundays 2x2 Weekends in Classroom 8:30-2:30pm  10 Seats OPEN 

NEW December  After School Afternoon / Evening Course Tuesday and Thursday Dec 1,3,8,10 2020 3pm-8pm 6 Seats


Dec 2020 Xmas Break Dec 27,28,29,30 2020  4 Day Express   13 Seats OPEN 


Jan 2,3,4,5 2021  4 Day Express  Class is SOLD OUT 

Jan 16,17,23,24 Weekends 9:00-2:30pm 20 Seats 


Feb 13,14,20,21 Weekends  9:00-2:30pm  20 Seats 

Feb 13,14,15,20 Family Day Weekend 9:00-2:30pm  20 Seats 


March 15,16,17,18 Spring Break 4 Day Express 23 Seats 

March 13,14,18,19  2x2 9:00-2:30pm  23 Seats 

March 19,20,21,25 4 Day Express  23 Seats 


April 10,11,17,18 Weekends 2x2 9:00-2:30pm 30 Seats 

April 24,25,May 1, 2 Weekends 2x2 9:00-2:30pm 30 Seats


May 8,9,15,16 Weekends 2x2 9:00-2:30pm

May Long Weekend May 22,23,24,29 2020 9:00-2:30 pm 30 Seats 







Important Information:

Course Completion Time Limit: 

* The Ministry of Transportation requires all students to complete their Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course within 1 year of the starting point (Day 1) date ( NO EXCEPTIONS)  WCDCTO Must complete 90-120 Days from the Starting Point (our own policy)  Amended due to the CONVID-19 extensions have been granted.

Certification Requirements:

* All students must complete at least 20 hours of classroom, 10 hours of Homelinks (homework) and 10 hours of in-car training in order to qualify for certification with the Ministry of Transportation 

Road Test Waiting Period Reduction: 

* Once driving school certifies a student for the Beginner Driver Education Course, he or she will qualify to complete the G1 Exit Road test as early as 8 Months ( NO need for "Drivers  Licence History Search) Once you PASS your G1 Exit to G2 Please visit Service Ontario and Request your Certificate 

"Drivers Licence History Report"



World Class Driving School Collingwood

​​​Package #1 $699.00 + HST

For any Errors or Omissions Copyright and or use of photos please send your comments and or concerns to our office at Should you have any concerns.  Any Youtube or Social Media Feeds are used with permission/consent.

For any COVID-19 cancels and or delays our School is NOT able to refund any accounts as per our working agreements.  Any delays due to COVID-19 Phase 2 or 3 are beyond our control and the school reserves the right to cancel, change or modify any lesson plans and or services rendered or outstanding accounts. All bookings are confirmed with a invoice and payments that are processed. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Drive Test Exams are subject to change without notice /  Due to CONVID-19 and Road Test bookings will be scheduled/ changed/ modified within a timeline pending Phase 3 of the re opening of Businesses in Ontario. 

Current Students and or past students please refer to our working policy and procedures from Day 1 of In Classroom.

2013-2020 Copyright World Class Driving School Collingwood ALL SALES ARE FINAL as per our working agreement.  Admin fees for any BDE transfers are applicable. 


WORLD CLASS DRIVING SCHOOL is a Ministry Approved BDE Course Provider.

The Drivers Licence History report provides proof of successful completion of graduating from our School course is widely recognized by the Insurance industry as proof of course completion.  

BDE Graduates with a Drivers Licence History Report may be eligible for an insurance discount.  40 Hours = 20 hours in classroom + 10 hours of homework + 10 hours of private in car lessons is the amount of time required to pass the course with a 70% mark.