CCI/SCI/VAN SS Special In Class Session

PA DAY 4 Day In Class Express BDE Course 
Jan 30,31, Feb 1,2 2020  - 9:00am-2:30 p.m 4 Day In Class Express  New Seating just added due to high demands. Book your seat online. 

CCI/SCI/VAN SS High School Special Event
Feb Weekend Spilt Course 
Feb 8,9,22,23 2x2 Weekends  - 9:00am - 2:30 p.m.  

8 Seats Remaining

Family Day Weekend Feb 15,16,17,22  9:00-2:30pm 

Check back for seating and bookings *FULL*

March Break 4 Day In Class Express 
March 16,17,18,19 9:00-2:30pm  12 Seats remaining 


March Split Sessions March 14,15,19,20 (Sat,Sun,Thur,Fri)  Book Early and Save  

April Easter Break 4 Day Express 
April 10,11,12,13 9:00-2:30pm  40 Seats open 


April Split Sessions April 18,19,25,26 Sat and Sundays 35 Seats 


​May Long Weekend 4 Day Express 

May 16,17,18,23 9:00-2:30 pm 40 Seats open 


May/June Weekend Split 2x2 

May 30,31, June 6 and 7  9:00-2:30pm


​June Summer Kick of In Classroom Sessions

June 25,26,27,28 4 Day Express in Class 9:00-2:30


July 2,3,4,5 4 Day Express 9:00-2:30pm 

July Weekday 2x2 Wed and Thurs July 15,16,22,23


Aug 4,5,6,7 4 Day In Classroom Sessions 

Aug Weekday 2x2 Wed and Thurs Aug 19,20,26,27

Aug 25,26,27,28 4 Day end of Summer Sessions 



Sept 5,6,12,13 2x2 Weekend in Class Sessions

Sept 26,27, Oct 3,4 Weekend in Class Sessions 



October Thanksgiving Weekend Express  

Oct 10,11,12,17 9:00-2:30pm


Nov 2x2 Weekend In Classroom Sessions 

Nov 7,8,14,15 9:00-2:30pm 

Upcoming In Class Sessions For our Collingwood Location Spring and Summer 2020