Once you start for any digital courses you MUST complete the online e-learning.  You can NOT switch back to in classroom courses as per the MTO BDE guidelines.

All sales are final and not refundable or transferable. 

Due to the CONVID-19 Our Cost of Goods have increased.  We have taken all the steps to prevent the spread of CONVID-19.  Each of our classroom will be carefully cleaned and all staff and clients will be provided PPE each day.  

All in cars will also be cleaned and equipped with PPE equipment also in all cars will have temperature radar guns to check clients temperature and full screening before each lesson.  Hand sanitizers, Lysol and deep cleaning will be conducted before and after each session.  

Safety of all our clients and staff is our TOP priorty and we must comply with guidelines to ensure safe operations.

If you feel you're not ready for our in classroom you can opt in for the Digital Online course.

NEW: Digital Classroom eLearning Course 20 Hours of Online and 10 Hours of Homework PLUS 10 hours in car lessons MTO BDE Approved  

All our clients will be provided a PPE Kit with face mask and hand sanitizers.  Keeping within very strict guidelines.  Phase #3 Under Directives from the MTO and Local Bylaw Offices.

In Classroom Phase #3  8:30-2:00pm 

​Aug 24,25,26,27 4 Day in Classroom Express  LIMITED Seating  ​Class 8:30am until 2:00pm 

Aug 28,29, Sept 4,5, 2020 In Classroom Express New Seating DUE to HIGH Demands 

Sept 26,27, October 3,4 2020 Weekends In Classroom  

Nov 7,8,14,15 Weekends In Classroom 

Aug 24,25,26,27 4 Day EXPRESS 8:30-2:00pm Few seats remaining 

Aug 28,29, Sept 4,5, Friday and Saturday Courses  Book online 

October Thanksgiving Weekend IN Classroom EXPRESS 

​Nov 7,8,14,15 2020 Weekends In Classroom 

BDE- Package #1 Non-Express   ON LINE LEARNING 

20 hours of In Classroom 

10 hours of Private in Car Lessons 10x 1 hour

10 hours of Home Work 

Total hours 40 

​Course Cost: $549.00 + HST  Digital On Demand Course 

Course Cost: $499.99 + HST for IN CLASSROOM ON SALE BOOK and SAVE 

BDE- Package #2   FAST TRACK DRIVE TEST PACKAGE Most Popular Package 


This package is our MOST Popular Use of School Car for YOUR Road Test in Collingwood

Our School will book the testing on your behalf.

20 Hours of In Classroom 

10 hours of Private in Car Lessons  5x2 hours Express FAST TRACK 

10 hours of Home Work 

Plus  pre warm up lesson the Day before the test in Collingwood Pending COVID-19

Total Hours 40.45 hours   In Classroom Version $899.00 + HST

Digital Course Cost $899.00 Plus HST Local High School Students CCI SS VAN SS SCI SSS

​This package includes The use of school car for testing plus pre warm up the day before testing held in  Barrie, Owen Sound or Huntsville. TBD 

 Drive Testing Collingwood /Aug/Sept Pending Phase #2

NOTE: Drive Test SERCO will re open in Ontario On JUNE 22 2020  For Desk and Written Testing at all full service locations.  Collingwood is a Travel POINT with Limited Services   PENDING MTO and SERCO Operations. Any bookings that are handled by our Admin E/OE are excepted and beyond our control.  BOOKINGS ARE at another location due to COVID-19