NOTE: IF you have  G1 and your almost at your 8 months keep in mind you must complete the BDE Driving School IN CLASS and IN CAR sessions before the school will certify you.  The School HIGHLY Recommends that you check your date of first licence and give enough time to complete the school course to be ready for your 8 months.   IF you have had your licence for 8 months and then do your in class you MUST complete your in car before taking your G1 Exit Road TEST

This is a MTO policy and the SCHOOL Can NOT override a Policy in Place by MTO. All Students have a timeline of 1 year from the start of your in class to complete the program.

NOTICE: In Car Lessons are booked on DAY 4 of your In Class by your IN Class Instructor Each Student is offered to meet with the school ADMIN on Day 4 to book in car Sessions 5 Days x 2 hours total 10 hours EXPRESS  OR PACKAGE 1 IS ONE HOUR LESSONS  Day 4 the school Admin Rep will be on site for 1 hour to accommodate student request 

OR Students are provided on DAY one a USER CODE to BOOK in Car sessions by way on ONLINE Booking 

Each student has 1 year from the start of your In Class to complete your Full BDE Course