Classroom Training Units and Topics in Order of Days


Day 1 (A)

 Driver Attitude

Graduated Licensing

Demerit point system

Law Enforcement

Other jurisdictions

Day 1 (B)

 Signs, pavement markings and lines


Circle Check

Vehicle adjustments

Day 2 (A)

 Strategic Driving

Risk Management

Cooperative driving

Day 2 (B)

 City Driving

Freeway Driving

Rural Driving

Day 3 (A)

 Collision avoidance

Vehicle Safety

Crash Case Studies

Driving emergencies

Road Rage / Road Racing

Day 3 (B)

 Drinking and Driving + DRUGS

Drowsy driving

Driving distractions

Day 4 (A)

 Night Driving

Driving in the Rain

FOG/ WIND/ Sunny

Winter Driving

Day 4 (B)

 Fuel efficiency

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Insurance

Road Test Preparation