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Established in 2015, World Class Driving School Collingwood

Our BDE Course is geared towards teen Novice Drivers 15.5-18 years of age.  This course is designed to help new teenage drivers learn the rules of the roads in Ontario and pass their G1 Testing on the first attempt.

If you're a young or mature adult and wish to enrol in one of our Evening Courses that are taliored for adult learning please email our school for evening courses that we offer for adults.

*55 Alive Mature Driving Workshop for Seniors 

*PDIC- Professional Driver Improvement Course

*DDC- Defensive Driving Workshop 

*Pro-Active Driving Workshop/Drinking & Driving Convictions or HTA Referal

*Basic Driving Education Course 20 Hours of In Class 10 hours of in Car and 10 Hours of Homelinks 

*SBDIC School Bus Improvement Driving Workshop 

Seniors Facing 3 Part Testing 

Written Prep

In Car Prep for G1 or G2 Exit Testing Drive Test bookings

Beginning Drivers Education Course 

World Class Driving School is a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider in good standing.

The Driver's Licence History provides proof of successful completion of any graduate from a BDE Course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. BDE Graduates with a Drivers Licence History maybe eligible for an insurance discount.  Please contact your broker or insurance agent for details.  

All of our BDE Course consist of the following:

20 Hours of In Classroom training 

10 Hours of Homework 

10 Hours of Private in car lessons in one of our newer fleet of cars

Total 40 Hours for a BDE Certification.

The Course MUST be completed with 1 Year of the start of the course Day 1 of in class documentation is provided and signed off on by clients and or parents.  This is BDE MTO Policy and World Class Driving has NO control and or can make any changes with the BDE RUS System.  Our schools strives to have the course completed within 90-120 from the start of the course.

Collingwood In Classroom Schedule  Space is very limited due to COVID -19

Our School will provide PPE Kits to Each Client.  Strict Measures are in place in compliance with the  Health Unit Directive. 

Thanksgiving Weekend 
October 10,11,12,17 4 Day In Classroom Express 8:30-2:00pm 

October 24,25,31 Nov 1 Saturday and Sundays 2x2 Weekends In Classroom 8:30-2:30pm 

Nov 7,8,14,15                Saturday and Sundays 2x2 Weekends In Classroom 8:30-2:30pm 

Nov 21,22,28,29            Saturday and Sundays 2x2 Weekends in Classroom 8:30-2:30pm 

December 2020 Winter Break 

Dec 21 DAY (1)  Dec 22 (Day2)   Dec 29 (Day 3)  Dec 30 (Day 4)  Split Days Blended Days

Dec 27,28,29,30  4 Day Express


Classroom Schedule for 20201 Posted Soon 

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